The best server ever! Lightweight is the way!

Faster than Flash

We are hosted with a totaly reliable server! its that good you definetly won't experience lag or crashes that interrupts gameplay.

Feels like local play

Near to you! As we definetly have no lag, the ping is that low it shows that it has high ping. Seems you're playing locally on a crappy pc!

Guaranteed fun.

Find the love of Minecraft. If you can deal with the stable server!


News fresh out of the oven!


Some features of our Server!


We have over 20 diferent games you can play on the server
You can acess these from the server selector in the lobby

Towny System

Buy your own house today! TheGrassBlock runs with the greatest Towny system.
Build your house in our city today!

Friendly PVP

TheGrassBlock has daily PvP Events just for fun!
Bring your friends and let's practice together!
Are you ready to show us your abilities?